Vibrance no. 3 (PDF) by Dr. David Klein



Vibrance Magazine no. 3
Dr. David Klein
98 pages

Thoughts From the Orchard
Letters to the Editor
Vibrance Beneficence Fund
Food & Health Safety News: The Truth About the Food Safety Enhancement Act – JAIME JONES
Vibrance Sustainers & Benefactors
Apples & Oranges, Peas & Carrots
Ask the Nutritionists
Book Reviews

Portrait of a Modern Spiritual Impressionist: David Seacord – DAVID KLEIN, PH.D.
The Human Energy Scheme – DAVID KLEIN, PH.D.
Escaping Pleasure Trap: Why Eating Healthfully Is So Difficult – ALAN GOLDHAMER, D.C.
Keeping it Cool: Seven Fruitful Recipes for Summertime Refreshment – CHRISTINA CHADNEY
Papaya—A Most Misunderstood Fruit – DR. DOUGLAS GRAHAM
Peace in the Pipes – ARMENA MARDEROSIAN
Fasting as a Part of Your Dynamic Health Program DR. T. C. FRY
Food for the Heart—Eating For The Contemplative Life – REUVEN BENYUHMIN
Healing Touch – DAVID KLEIN, PH.D.
How Does Food Affect Consciousness? – MARILYN GORDON, B.C.H.
Is Too Much Stress Sabotaging Your Health? – SUSAN SMITH JONES, PH.D.
Keep Your Bloodstream Pure – DR. TIM O’SHEA
Leadership Listening – LEE GLICKSTEIN
Imagine It So – DR. JIM DREAVER
Marvelous Mono Meals – LISA TESTA
Sweet ‘n Sour—Exploring The Allure Of Citrus – KEN LOVE
Health’s Magic Charm: The Six Shatkarmas Yoga Purificatory Process – MORRIS KROK
Infiltrating The Cooked Food Community: How to Get Mr. Jones Eating More Raw Food – TERA WARNER
Enlightenment—A New Way Of Seeing – PETER RUSSELL
A Call For An “Earth Regeneration Corps” And Full Employment – DON WEAVER

Living Food in Sweden – LISA HELLMAN
My Path To Health & Peace – JERRY RYAN
Our New Life In Belize – ROBERT SNIADACH, D.C.
From Jail to Kale: My Transformation to Natural – GINA SILVESTRI
From the Cement Jungle of Manhattan to the Jungles of Costa Rica – AMY SCHRIFT
30 Bananas a Day—Savoring the Simple Life Under the Sun – HARLEY JOHNSTONE

Natural Hygiene Science – DR. HERBERT M. SHELTON
Love – RUMI
The World in Me – JENIFER RANSOM
Become A Johnnny Appleseed – DR. T.C. FRY
The Great Potential – DAVID KLEIN PH.D.

Laughing for Health
Crossword Puzzle V2 Answers – DORIS KLEIN
Crossword Puzzle V3 – DAVID KLEIN, PH.D.

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