Toxemia Explained (e-book) by John Tilden, M.D.



Toxemia Explained
John Tilden, M.D.
e-book PDF
63 pages

One of the great classics in health literature, this booklet was written in 1926 by a medical doctor who loudly crusaded the natural healing and lifestyle correction approach. Soundly based upon physiology and years of clinical experience, it provides the foundational concepts of why we get sick, what the symptoms mean and how we can get well and stay well. Dr. Tilden boldly indicts toxemia—bodily toxicity from wrong lifestyle habits (mainly toxic diets)—as the culprit in all illnesses. And he drives home the necessity of cooperating with the body’s detoxification processes for the restoration of health. Although Dr. Tilden’s teachings are self-evident, they fell upon deaf ears within the medical industry. Free yourself from common medical and folklore misconceptions about disease causation and health maintenance needs and know your self-healing power. Every student of health and medical doctor must read this book!

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