The Wise Mind – The Brilliant Key to Life Transformation and Healing (e-book) by Marilyn Gordon



The Wise Mind – The Brilliant Key to Life Transformation and Healing
Marilyn Gordon, B.C.H., C.L.

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269 pages

The product of thousands of hours of the author’s work with clients, this magnificent new book presents new discoveries in assisting people to transform their lives. The Wise Mind Process helps you to transform your worries, troubles and issues into peace, comfort, and love.

When you read this groundbreaking book, you come to understand how you can resolve and transform the challenges of your life through the greatness of your own Wise Mind. Filled with expanded loving energy, this book opens you to your true magnificence and power.

You explore the Superconscious mind, and you also learn the Wise Mind Process, an original, simple and powerful way to resolve your challenges moment by moment. Experience your life transforming as you read and move to higher levels of consciousness.

Marilyn Gordon is a board certified hypnotherapist, teacher, speaker, healer, school director and author with over thirty years of experience and a diverse and expansive background in teaching and healing. She is the award-winning founder and director of the Center for Hypnotherapy Certification in Oakland, California. She is also a raw food health enthusiast and was a regular columnist with Vibrance.


PART I – Brilliant Transformational Power
The Fascinating Truth about the Wise Mind
Getting to Know Your Wise Mind
Where Does the Wise Mind Reside?
Remember the Truth of Who You Are
Transforming Your Life through the
The Wise Mind Process
A Story of Grace and the Wise Mind
More on Step One: Describing Your Situation
More on Step Two: Breathing and Breaking
More on Step Three: The Wise Mind
More on Step Four: Imagining Yourself
The Bonus Step: Anything Else That
Experience – Release – Transform
PART II – What Your Wise Mind Might Tell You
What Your Wise Mind Might Tell You
PART III – Finding Your Wise Mind
How Do You Find Your Wise Mind?
PART IV – Stories of the Wise Mind
Wise Mind Stories
PART V – Wise Mind Questions and Answer
Wise Mind Questions and Answers
PART VI – Create Your Own Inner Wise Mind Workshop 
Create Your Own Inner Wise Mind Workshop
PART VII – Meditations and Scripts 
Meditations and Scripts


“The Wise Mind is filled with practical wisdom that gives you tools for resolving the challenges of life.” -John Gray, Author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

“This book is stunning in its power, style and profound basic simplicity. Marilyn reminds us to undo the illusions of life and reconnect with the Creative Source, the great I AM. When I started reading The Wise Mind, I couldn’t stop.” -Gina Orlando, Hypnotherapist

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