The Vibrant Diet & Study Guide (e-book) by Dr. T. C. Fry and Dr. David Klein



The Vibrant Diet & Study Guide
Dr. T. C. Fry and Dr. David Klein
e-book PDF
151 pages

Note: This e-book was previously titled Raw Revelations and Your Natural Diet: Alive Raw Foods

The Vibrant Diet is an updated, comprehensive synthesis of the finest writings by the greatest health writer and diet mentor of his generation, Dr. T. C. Fry, and David Klein, Ph.D., making a wholistic “how-to” introduction for the novice as well as a transformational guide for the intermediate raw fooder. Dr. Fry was the mentor to Marilyn and Harvey Diamond, co-authors of the 20-million best-seller, Fit for Life. Presents fascinating criteria for determining our natural diet, the detrimental aspects of cooking, the physiology of digestion, practical keys to fruit and raw food eating, a guide to food selection, explanations of detoxification and the requirements of health, a gradual dietary transition plan, healthful eating and food combining guidelines, mental-emotional tools for overcoming eating problems, insight on how to approach intuitive/instinctual eating, raw food lifestyle tips, raw food recipes, healthful resources and more. Get the rare wholistic insight you need to succeed in eating the simplest and most digestible way possible. This gem presents the most time-proven way to eat your natural diet….without fancy recipes, supplement and cleansing hooha, or whimsical nonsense. Learn from the physiologists, the experts in the science of health (Natural Hygiene), and enjoy the simplicity, deliciousness and rejuvenating ecstasy of aligning with your true biological self.

Book Contents
Ch. 1 – Some of the Enormous Benefits You Can Expect From a Natural Diet and Healthful Practices
Ch. 2 – What is Diet?
Ch. 3 – What is Nutrition?
Ch. 4 – How Our Natural Diet Leads to Wellness
Ch. 5 – How an Unnatural Diet Causes Diseases
Ch. 6 – How to Determine Your Natural Dietetic Character
Ch. 7 – A General Guide to Food Selection
Ch. 8 – Some Key Fruits in a Natural Diet
Ch. 9 – Dietary Transition
Ch. 10 – Healthful Eating Guidelines
Ch. 11 – The Art and Science of Healthful Living
Ch. 12 – Tools For Success Along the Raw Food Path
Ch. 13 – Alive Raw Food Recipes
Appendix A – About the Authors

The Vibrant Diet Study Guide is a companion guide to the The Vibrant Diet. The Study Guide is presented in colorful study guide chart format, suitable for printing out and laminating.

Study Guide Charts
Vibrant Eating
Healthful Eating Guidelines
Finer Points of Healthful Eating – 1 of 2
Finer Points of Healthful Eating – 2 of 2
Food Combining Practice
Food Combining Chart
Morning & Daytime Fruit Meal Choices – 1 of 2
Morning & Daytime Fruit Meal Choices – 2 of 2
Vegetable, Nut & Seed Drinks
Salad Dressings, Sauces, Dips, Spreads
Raw Vegetable Salad Ingredients
Cooked Dinner Ingredients
Basic Dinner Meals

“The Vibrant Diet is a tour de force by authorities on the raw food diet. Anyone who cares about attaining vibrant health should be grateful to the authors. The book is a treasure trove of practical advice for the newcomer and offers pearls of wisdom for those already on this path. This stunningly original book blends personal experience with world-class knowledge of true nutritional science with a firsthand account of David Klein’s road to vibrant health. An immensely enjoyable read!” -A. William Menzin, M.D., M. Sc., M.P.H. Department of Psychiatry Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, Massachusetts

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