The Hygienic Care Of Children (e-book) by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton



The Hygienic Care Of Children
Dr. Herbert M. Shelton
e-book PDF
235 pages

Originally published in 1931 by Dr. Shelton’s Health School, San Antonio, Texas
Republished in 2015 by Vibrant Health & Wealth Publications

Dr. Herbert M. Shelton (1895-1985), a great grandfather in his own right, brings to this e-book the ripened fruit of nearly 60 years of study and natural care of babies and children, and more than 50 years of successful experience in guiding parents in the care of their young offspring. Many thousands of babies and children have benefited from this information, escaping the medical trap and the health-destructive conventions of our modern unnatural world. Revered as “The Father of Natural Hygiene” and the greatest health doctor-educator-scientist of the 20th century. He directed his Dr. Shelton’s Health School for over 40 years, wrote 40 books and published over 150 Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review issues from his fasting health center in Texas. To this day, Dr. Shelton’s teachings continue to influence numerous current teachers, doctors and families who live by the Natural Hygiene lifestyle. Learn how to correctly feed and care for your children the all-natural way—they will grow up to be happy, sturdy and healthy young ladies and men.


1. Disease—Two Views
2. The Slaughter of The Innocents
3. Prenatal Care
4. Babies Should Be Born in the Spring
5. Babies’ Growth and Development
6. The Child’s Teeth
7. Teething
8. Fat Babies
9. Mother’s Milk
10. Should Baby Be Weaned
11. Three Year Nursing Period
12. Cow’s Milk
13. Pasteurization
14. Three Feedings a Day
15. No Starch for Infants
16. “ReguIar” Crimes in Feeding
17. Feeding of Infants
18. Babies’ General Care
19. Feeding Children From Two to Six years
20. A Healthy Child
21. Undernutrition
22. The Acute “Infectious” Diseases of Childhood
23. Skin Disorders
24. Common Disorders of Infants and Children
25. Child Education
26. Corporal Punishment
27. Vaccinia
28. Serum Poisoning
29. Commercial Medicine

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