The Health Education Imperative (e-book) by Dr. David Klein



The Health Education Imperative (e-book) by Dr. David Klein
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In this most inspiring e-book, Dr. David Klein, the Dean of the online Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy, explains in clear and passionate terms why correct health education is the greatest need of our time. He writes:

“Miseducated societies are fraught with confusion, nonsensical thinking, destructive behaviors, incessant turmoil, suffering and, if carried too far, extinction. Does this sound familiar? Indeed, sadly, this is our reality. But, with the human capacity to focus our indomitable will to overcome and prosper, the potential to achieve the reversal of the world’s perilous descent is in our hands. Correct education is the key.”

“All things good can come from efforts which are congruent with the Laws of Nature. Every man, woman and child needs an accurate education in natural living and health care. There is no greater need at this time!”

Dr. Klein explains that educational excellence can be distilled down to this quote by the famed 19th century English biologist Thomas Henry Huxley:

“Education is the instruction of the intellect in the Laws of Nature.”

Dr. Klein proclaims that the only true system of thought with regard to healthful living, and the only basis of educational excellence, is Natural Hygiene, that he also calls “Vibrant Living.” Vibrant Living is based upon an accurate understanding of physiology, biology and a huge, time-honored body of empirical evidence. It is the art and science of living healthfully, or vibrantly, fulfilling the Prime Requisites of Health, in accord with our natural biological mandates.

You’ll learn how and where to get a thorough education in Vibrant Living in order to set yourself on the pathway to achieving superior vibrant health. You’ll also learn how to get training toward becoming a Certified Vibrant Health Teacher-Counselor. If vibrant health education and counseling are your passions, and you have an uncommon desire to bring the very best of yourself to the world, please read this e-book! Career counseling by Dr. Klein is free.


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