The Fruit Articles (e-book) by Dr. David Klein



The Fruit Articles
Dr. David Klein et al.
e-book PDF
144 pages

This is a compilation of sixty articles and features with stunning photographs taken from our Living Nutrition and Vibrance magazines from 1997 – 2014. The best cuisine in the world is exposed here! The reading is most educational and totally engrossing. Learn about and view the most exotic and delicious fruits, their nutritional merits, and fruit cultivation from the world’s most impassioned fruit lovers.


LN = Living Nutrition magazine
VIB = Vibrance magazine

Man’s Home is in the Orchard Dr. Herbert M. Shelton (VIB 10)
Plums: The Luscious Fruits of Springtime Todd Seliga (LN 4)
Dates: The Fruit of the Ages Todd Seliga (LN 5)
Heirlooms: Gems of a Different Nature Mary Costello (LN 6)
Papayas David Durette (LN 7)
Organic Dates: Perfectly Good; Not Hybridized Jaime Jones (LN 8)
The Ecological Aspect Of The Fruit, Vegetable & Nut Diet Dr. T. C. Fry (LN 10)
Kiwis Dr. David Klein (LN 10)
Faith, Fruit and Fearlessness Anne Osborne (LN 10)
Avocado: The Fruit That Would Make Butter and Meat Obsolete Dr. David Klein (LN 11)
People Planting Paradise: Stephan Reeve on Maui Don Weaver (LN 13)
A Proper Definition of Fruit Dr. T. C. Fry (LN 14)
Durian Dr. David Klein (LN 14)
Fresh Durian Alert Rob Miller (LN 14)
The Heirloom Garden Zel and Rueben Allen (LN 14)
Marvelous Melons & Mono Diets Anne Osborne (LN 14)
Figs: A Fruit Worshipped Throughout the Ages The California Fig Advisory Board (LN 15)
Cape Gooseberry: The Palate Dazzler Ken Love and Dr. David Klein (LN 16)
In the Sun-Kissed Fruits of the Garden Dr. Herbert M. Shelton (LN 17)
The Jaboticaba Ken Love (LN 17)
The Queen of Fruits: Chico Sapodilla Dr. David Klein & Ken Love (LN 18)
Meet the Custard Apple Clan! Dr. David Klein with Ken Love & Dr. Douglas Graham (LN 19)
The Exotic Sapotes Ken Love (LN 20)
The Luscious Loquat Ken Love (VIB 1)
Fructus Henry David Thoreau  (VIB 2)
Fignatics Unite! Ken Love (VIB 2)
Become A Johnnny Appleseed Dr. T. C. Fry (VIB 3)
Papaya: A Most Misunderstood Fruit Dr. Douglas Graham (VIB 3)
Sweet ‘n Sour – Exploring The Allure Of Citrus Ken Love (VIB 3)
Hot Dates! The Courting of Ms. Phoenix Dactylifera Ken Love (VIB 4)
Treasures of American Fruit Art Ken Love (VIB 5)
Carob: Nature’s Other Chocolate Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski (VIB 5)
Jackfruit Travels – Following the Allure of Mother India’s Fruit Ken Love (VIB 5)
Avocado Fest & Feast! Ken Love (VIB 6)
Apple Facts Dr. David Klein (VIB 6)
Becoming a Backyard Orchardist: A Fruitful Journey Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski (VIB 6)
Fruit Uses Throughout the Ages Jean Mayes & Dr. David Klein (VIB 7)
Mango Love Ken Love (VIB 7)
In Love With Durian . . . Despite All the Troubles Petr Cech (VIB 7)
Mango Dr. David Klein (VIB 8)
Best Diet Mahatma Gandhi (VIB 8)
The Passions of a Fruit Trekker Petr Cech (VIB 8)
You Should Know Jack! Ken Love (VIB 8)
Fruitarian Revelation Dr. David Klein (VIB 8)
Two Mangos on Koa  Dr. David Klein (VIB 9)
Fruitopia on Maui Dr. David Klein & Shakata Edmonds with Stephan Reeve (VIB 8)
Two Mangos on Koa Dr. David Klein (VIB 9)
Law of Fruit Attraction in Action Petr Cech (VIB 9)
A Passion for Passion Ken Love (VIB 9)
Fruitcentric Permaculture Designs Jesse Krebs, c.Ph.D. (VIB 9)
Return to Paradise – Veganiculture For a Most Healthful Future Don Weaver (VIB 9)
Documentary Review: The Fruit Hunters Marg Love (VIB 9)
Biomimicry: The Cornerstone of Permaculture Design Jesse Krebs, c.Ph.D. (VIB 10)
Chupa Chupa Dr. David Klein (VIB 10)
Eden Fruitarianism  Mango Wozdak (VIB 10)
Fruit Explorations in the Far East Ken Love (VIB 10)
Borneo: Plant Fruit Trees – Not Oil Palms! Petr Cech (VIB 10)
Red Lady Papaya Dr. David Klein (VIB 10)

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