The Art of Rejuvenation (e-book) by David Klein, Ph.D.



The Art of Rejuvenation
The 7 Essentials for the Renewal of Mind-Body-Spiritual Health
David Klein, Ph.D.
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11 pages
In a nutshell the reader will learn about what it takes to succeed in completely rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit. Drawn from the author’s experience of suffering with the near-destruction of his health from a “medically incurable chronic disease” and his remarkable recovery, plus his 15 years of study of nutrition, healing, somatics and spirituality.


“The Art of Rejuvenation is just a tiny little thing, but so inspiring….I re-read it all the time!!! I think it is just the greatest booklet ever. My favorite line is: ‘Your body knows how to heal itself–it is trying to do so now.’ Thanks, Dave!!! So many people are so grateful for all the amazing stuff you do!!!” -Karen. S., Michigan

“The Art of Rejuvenation contains the information that, when put into practice, makes healing possible. Gently starting with vision and attitude and moving toward pragmatic steps proven to promote health and well-being, this pamphlet belongs in the brief case, desk drawer, and glove compartment of anyone looking to upgrade his/her health status.” -Victoria Moran, author of Fat, Broke & Lonely No More

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