The Alkalizing Cleanse & The Alkalizing Diet Plan (e-book) by Dr. David Klein



The Alkalizing Cleanse & The Alkalizing Diet Plan
The safe, nutritious way to detoxify, alkalize, heal & rejuvenate
Dr. David Klein
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110 pages

Give yourself the ultimate gift: complete detoxification and alkaline balance!

Visualize this: your body, healthy, fit, alkalized and completely detoxified, with all of its biological needs being met, living in harmony with Nature, no more illness, no more suffering, freedom and joy, youthfulness and abundant vitality. Deep down, isn’t that what you have always longed for?

Do you wonder what is holding you back from having the joyous, high-energy illness-free life you have always desired, from living up to  all of your capabilities, fulfilling your potential and realizing your loftiest dreams?

It could be that the vehicle that takes you around in life is not able to perform well.  Why?  Most likely because you have not been operating it properly.  If you’ve been eating a processed food diet with bread, meat and dairy, your body is harboring toxic acidic wastes; its bloodstream and tissues are polluted with toxins, bowels fouled, and organs impaired or damaged. The toxins drag down your energy, rob your health, wreak your emotions, dull and poison your mind, and age you rapidly on your way to a painful death. The toxins must come out and alkalinity must be restored!

Acidosis is the widespread scourge that ruins health and shortens lives. All modern diets cause chronic, “low grade” acidosis, even vegan and raw food diets when eaten incorrectly. Acidosis results in irritation and inflammation of the tissues, enervation, malnutrition, loss of alkaline mineral reserves, and depletion of enzymes. Chronic acidosis causes degenerative diseases related to poor-quality body tissues, such as osteoporosis, fractures and tendon tears, and many other disease conditions which result in great suffering and early death. The average pH of our bodily fluids must be maintained in the 7.0+ pH (alkaline) range in order to maintain good health; an acidifying lifestyle spells stress and dis-ease.

The good news is that your body knows how to get all of the pollution out; it knows how to detoxify; it is trying to do so right now!  It simply needs to be cared for properly. The Alkalizing Cleanse and Alkalizing Diet Plan are your keys to Vibrant Health and happiness.

Alkaline physical purity is the condition your body has been beckoning for since day one. Live in harmony with your biological mandates and allow your body to completely detoxify.  You can’t give yourself a more important gift! It is the gift that opens you up to receiving all of the abundant richness that life has to offer! Apply the dietary practices taught in this book and the fruits of life will be yours!


1. Give Yourself the Ultimate Gift: Complete Detoxification & Alkaline Balance!
2. Acid or Alkaline Body? The Great Marker of Health
3. What is an Acid-forming Food?
4. How to Achieve Alkaline pH Balance
5. What Is Toxemia?
6. Understanding Detoxification & Weight Loss
7. Understanding Inflammation
8. The Raw Truth About “Anti-Inflammatory Foods” – Why They Are So Wrong
9. What is a Dietary Irritant?
10. When a “Food” is Really a Toxic Mistake
11. Is Food Digesting or Rotting in Your Gut?
12. Flu Viruses or Combo Abombos? Discerning the Real Cause of Influenza
13. Food Combining & Meal Sequencing
14. Food Combining Chart
15. Eating to Maintain Mind-Body Purity
16. Chew, Chew, Chew Your Food Very Well!
17. Revealing the Sweet Truth About Fruit
18. Five Keys to Eating Sweet Fruit Meals
19. Distilled Water
20. The Prime Requisites of Vibrant Health
21. Vibrant Living
22. The Vibrant Living Credo of Life
23. Vibrant Health Guideposts
24. Tools for Success Along the Vibrant Health Path
25. Mental Clarity Tips







April 18, 2019

“Dr. Dave said do an Alkalizing cleanse and your candida will be gone in a week.


It was gone in 2 days! After 1 year of suffering and not having success with low-fat plant-based diet.

Plus, where did all of this energy come from?? Thirty-six weeks pregnant and feeling incredible!

Thank you, Dr. Dave”

-Jenni Grove, Virginia

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