Somatic & Self Inquiries – Tools For Resolving Eating Disorders (e-book) by Dr. David Klein



Somatic & Self Inquiries – Tools For Resolving Eating Disorders

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Dr. Klein’s 25-plus years of studies, associations with many great psychotherapists, and work with thousands of clients have led him to conclude that identifying and disengaging from one’s dominant persona that is driving disordered eating is the key to “The Work” that will set ourselves free. He explains that we have many personas and we cannot solve an eating disorder if we are engaged in ones that are fixated on acting out unhealthful behaviors. Happily, there is a way out of that trap, and he explains how:

The path to freedom requires going inward and using your mind to develop the skills of Presence, Self-Awareness and Somatic Awareness toward becoming grounded in your core essential personas that are whole and have healthful relationships with food, and he teaches exactly how to go about doing this. This Work enables us to witness and disengage from our current identity (who we take our self to be, i.e., our current persona) in the midst of cravings and disordered eating behaviors. The Work also enables us to merge with our core essential nature, i.e. the ultimate healer: Love.

Dr. Klein writes:

“A psycho-emotional issue cannot be improved or solved if our mind is not Present and grounded in Self and Somatic Awareness in the current moment. Why? Because the conscious, essential you must be ‘Present,’ ‘home’ or ‘at the helm’ to understand the reality of what is going on and do The Work of taking control of the mind and steering the new healthful habit program. Clarity is essential for making correct decisions regarding food choices and eating, and that only comes when we are Present. Presence is the essential basis for solving personal problems and the key to a better life, free of disordered eating and dis-ease and opened up to all of the joys of your loftiest dreams.”

Dr. Klein examines the four basic forms of eating disorders and describes many common archetypal identities to give the reader a recognition and clear explanation of what has been driving his/her disordered eating habits. He explains that at the heart of each eating disorder is a love-starved psyche and a biochemically corrupted and a nutrient-deficient body. He gives specific Work and diet practices that beginners will find to be compelling mind-body health-promoting solutions.

For clarifying and calming the mind and nourishing the cells with all of the nutrients required for optimum function, Dr. Klein recommends adopting the Vibrant Diet; it is human’s natural biological diet and, therefore, our most healthful diet; a vegan, alkalizing diet comprised of mostly or all raw foods with a minimum of 80% of total calories from simple carbohydrates. His approach to eating is “sensorial,” i.e., the practice of abiding by our senses. This diet resolves the biochemical turmoil within that largely stems from eating a modern, highly-processed, nutrient-poor, toxifying diet (the Standard American Diet, or “SAD”). This naturally sets us free of cravings for unnatural, toxifying food fare. Dr. Klein has taught the Vibrant Diet model for over 25 years, and countless people have healed by and are thriving on it after suffering all kinds of disease conditions. His e-book, The Vibrant Diet, has been a worldwide bestseller.

A Vibrant Diet eater since 1984 when his divorce from SAD eating saved his life after a long debilitating ordeal with ulcerative colitis, Dr. Klein’s e-book will speak most loudly to raw fooders, vegans and vegetarians; however, its teachings will be illuminating for everyone, no matter what their dietary beliefs and status may be.

If you are seeking the ultimate answer to a disordered eating problem, please don’t miss the opportunity to learn about The Work that will ground you in your true nature: Love—the Love that is always abundantly available within to nourish your wholeness and keep you grounded in healthful eating habits.


1 – Presence
2 – The Somatic Inquiry
3 – The Self Inquiry
4 – Developing the Witness
5 – Discipline & Resistance
6 – Identities
7 – Sensorial Eating
8 – The Vibrant Diet
9 – The Whole You
10 – Education & Training
About the Author


Humanity has strayed far from our natural biological disposition and is largely disconnected from our core Essence that has the core attribute of Healthy Wholesome Love. Most people eat diets which are totally incompatible with our physiology and, therefore, beget all sorts of diseases conditions and endless suffering. Diets comprised of little or no naturally appealing, richly nutritious, natural food items (i.e., fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts) cause chronic gut discomforts, cravings, emotional turbulence and the gamut of other disease symptoms. Living on items that are not natural to our biological constitution neither satisfy our tastebuds’ needs for naturally delicious flavors nor our cells’ needs for nutrients. A lack of nourishing, truly satisfying foods coupled with the ubiquitous availability of junky foods is a recipe for desperate (disordered) eating, declining health and unhappiness. For many, this leads to full-blown eating disorders.

Eating disorders can be categorized in the ways described below. Each partially or fully results from growing up in our unnatural, stressful, fragmented world of unnatural, toxifying, heat-denatured diets. This corrupts our natural senses, disconnecting our natural sense of taste while unbalancing our brain and endocrine chemistries with excessive toxifying, heat-degraded sugar, protein and fat. Furthermore, because of cooking and chemical processing, modern diets are deficient in raw sugars, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. This contributes to diminished mental and physical function.

1. Overeating – Eating driven by impulses to change one’s psycho-emotional state, typically to diminish painful emotions, or to feel nothing, or to feel more powerful. It’s very common for overeaters to binge and purge, a behavior driven by feelings of guilt, shame and/or self-loathing. Purging (bulimia nervosa) is done either by vomiting or the use of laxatives. Both bingeing and purging have enervating and degenerative effects on the body and debilitating effects on the mind. Overeating is driven in either and often both of the following ways:

— A. Stimulant-Driven Eating – Overeating of stimulating (excitotoxin) food fare and auxiliary items (condiments and beverages) as a means to cope with stress by gaining an energy boost via the activation of adrenaline release. Stimulants corrupt our sense of taste. The most common dietary stimulants are salt, pepper, strong spices, vinegar, garlic, MSG, refined sugar, and caffeine. Once the stimulation wears off, one’s energy crashes. Habitual use of stimulants sets us on an enervating rollercoaster ride of emotional highs and depression lows.

— B. Depressant-Driven Eating – Overeating of foods and accessory items that toxify and depress/dull/sedate our nervous system (sensorial faculties), bodily energies and consciousness, such as: cooked grains and starchy by-products (bread, cereals, pasta, pastries, and donuts), fatty meats, cheese, ice cream, peanut butter, fried oil, and alcohol.

2. Under-Eating – Eating driven by either one or both of these factors:

— A. Intentional Food Deprivation – Intentionally under-eating to deprive oneself of food pleasure and wellness because one does not believe he or she is worthy of being nurtured, loved and healthy. Brain chemistry imbalance stemming from nutrient-deficient diets can contribute to this psychological disorder.

— B. Body Misperception – Under-eating to enforce a distorted sense of one’s body image (anorexia). Lack of self-acceptance and self-love, harsh self-judgment, and feelings of internal uncleanliness can cause this behavior. Brain chemistry imbalance stemming from a nutrient-deficient diet can similarly contribute to this psychological disorder.

All of these behaviors have deleterious effects on every aspect of our health; we suffer increasing physical and mental degeneration if they continue. The solution to all of this is to adopt our natural biological diet, The Vibrant Diet (Chapter 8). In doing this, everything eventually and naturally falls into place—our health condition becomes right as we adopt the natural way of eating. This is a process that is not always a quick fix; however, with skill, patience, perseverance, social and familial support, and, if needed, a knowledgeable and skilled counselor, disordered eating will move toward resolution, and glorious health freedom will blossom forth.


“This is a clear and concise manual on what it takes to live with supreme presence and mindfulness in this very moment. I give it two thumbs up!” -Jim Dreaver, D.C., author End Your Story, Begin Your Life

“Over the nearly 20 years that I have known David, contributing articles to his magazines, doing radio shows together, and reading his outstanding books, what has impressed me the most is his uncanny knack of teaching in clear and simple terms how to solve health problems by pinpointing the causes and applying Nature’s proven solutions. Somatic & Self Inquiries is David’s 23rd and most ambitious title yet. By virtue of his obvious mastery of the subject of eating disorders, he has delivered an outstanding guide that is sure to uplift many lives. It is my hope that this book finds its way into the hands of many who are suffering, as well as many eating disorder clinicians. If thoroughly embraced, David’s natural diet approach would advance eating disorder therapy light years ahead of the current paradigm. May you gain valuable insights within these pages, and soon have a balanced, loving relationship with food and a happier life.” -Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D., author of Invest in Yourself with Exercise, Be the Change: Living with Faith, Confidence & Vigor and Choose to Thrive: Open Up to Vitality, Prosperity & Equanimity

“David Klein not only writes from his extensive knowledge and experience, but from his heart. Though this e-book is about food, it is also about much more. Written with flowing prose, David shares his personal experiences that include his powerful health transformation and his spiritual awakening. He writes about how your many selves contribute to your food choices and how to become more awake and aware. He skillfully explains the natural biological Vibrant Diet and what it can do for you. This is an e-book of inspiration, revelation, information, and transformation. Beautifully written and uplifting to read!” -Marilyn Gordon, Cht, CI, author of Extraordinary Healing: Transforming Your Consciousness, Your Energy System, and Your Life and The Wise Mind: The Brilliant Key to Life Transformation and Healing 


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