Self Healing Power! (e-book) by Dr. T. C. Fry, Dr. Herbert M. Shelton & Dr. David Klein



Self Healing Power!
How to Heal, Rejuvenate & Preserve Your Life by Maximizing & Wisely Exploiting Your Life Force

Dr. T. C. Fry, Dr. Herbert M. Shelton & Dr. David Klein
e-book PDF
159 pages

This is the most important book you’ll ever read! The first and last book to study on human health, it will save and extend your life by teaching you about your unknown self-healing abilities. It will empower you to overcome false mind-enslaving medical beliefs on your way to seizing complete control of your health destiny–with power! It will instill in you a knowledge that at once divests you of confidence-robbing illusions and invests you with absolute self-reliance, teaching how to activate the great powers within you for overcoming illness and achieving permanent wellness beyond medical dependence. You’ll learn how your body works to keep you well, with literally thousands of guardian angels under the reliable control of your perfect source of intelligence within. And you’ll be inspired to become the master of your health and realize your highest possible level of well-being. Learn how to unleash the self-healing power you already possess and never squander your great gift! There’s really nothing to do–your body does all the work when you allow it. Discover the profound power within you and confidently become your own doctor.

Revealing the Great Power Within
Self-mastery Brings Greater Joys
The Immense Wisdom and Providence of the Body
Exploring the Control Center of the Great Power Within You
Self Healing Power
Sleep: The Source of Your Self Healing Power
Life’s Engineering
Understanding Inflammation and Detoxification
A True Philosophy of Health
The Art and Science of Healthful Living
Abiding By Your Guiding Sense of Healthfulness
The Art of Rejuvenation
Will Your Help Humankind Realize Its Great Potential?
Further Education

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