Regenerate the Earth! (e-book) by Don Weaver



Regenerate the Earth!
Nature’s Call to Remineralize Our Soil, Re-Green Our Land, Rescue Our Climate and Restore Our Health

Don Weaver
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107 pages

Regenerate the Earth!: Nature’s Call to Remineralize Our Soil, Re-Green Our Land, Rescue Our Climate and Restore Our Health has a message that is vital to everyone! It is a revised and re-edited compilation of writings by ecologist, organic gardener and 33-year raw food vegan Don Weaver. Most were previously published in health and ecology magazines, chiefly Living Nutrition and Vibrance magazines, from the mid 1990s through 2010. Regenerate the Earth! is dedicated to the world’s children, who want a healthy environment and happy life, to our better nature, and to the purity and beauty within the natural world. Don makes clear why we must accomplish remineralization of the soil and regeneration of the Earth before today’s children reach adulthood. It is obvious that we have postponed the needed regenerative work for too long! If we neglect this primary responsibility much longer, the adulthood today’s children—and all of us—face could be quite unnecessarily tragic. This inspiring book presents a brilliant and timely common-sense plan for restoring Earth to the paradise it once was, yet this time with 7 billion potentially healthy and helpful people! Author Don Weaver has made it his free gift to humanity.

Introduction and Acknowledgments
Remineralizing Our Soils for the Health of Our Bodies & Our Planet
On Planting Your Home Orchard
Global Warming Triggers New Ice Age!
How Living Foods, Fasting and Fruit Eating Have Deepened Life Experience
Whole Life Systems Depend on Healthy Soil
The Survival and Transformation of Civilization
Understanding and Meeting Our True Human and Planetary Needs
Earth Generosity Can Reverse Our Soil-Food-Health Degeneration
People Planting Paradise: Stephan Reeve on Maui
About Rock Dust
A Serious Invitation…to Love and Regenerate the Earth
Raw Eating: The Most Ecologically Positive Diet
Positive Steps Towards Earth Regeneration
Celebrating 28 Years on Raw Foods
Be Such a Person…
Organic Gardening Basics
Restoring Our Earth to Vibrant Health
Soil Remineralization
Earth Regeneration for Climate Balance and a Healthy World
Will Humanity Awaken and Give Generously to the Earth in Time?
Will “Avatar” Inspire Us to Regenerate the Earth?
About the Author

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