Natural Hygiene: Man’s Pristine Way of Life (e-book) by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton



Natural Hygiene: Man’s Pristine Way of Life
Dr. Herbert M. Shelton
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373 pages

This magnum opus stands as the greatest health book ever written. Of the 40 books penned by the master of natural health, Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, this one stands as the most powerfully provocative of them all. If you desire to learn how to think correctly about human’s natural biological nature, about our physiology, our biological needs, the nature and purpose of disease, about our amazing self-healing capabilities, about the ultimate means of self-healthcare, about our natural biological diet and about how to live truly healthfully, toward fulfilling your highest potential in wholistic development, this book is for you. It will change your mind and your life in ways which beget freedom, joyous health and happiness. Humanity owes Dr. Shelton our most heartfelt thanks for showing us the true nature of health and inspiring us toward a better world. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the true essence of health education and how to realize vibrant health!


Author’s Introduction
Ch. 1 – A Revolutionary Situation
Ch. 2 – The Hygienic Revolution
Ch. 3 – The Evolution of Hygiene
Ch. 4 – Hydropathy
Ch. 5 – A Name Chosen
Ch. 6 – Life Subject to Law
Ch. 7 – Instruments of Action
Ch. 8 – What is Health?
Ch. 9 – The Ways of Health
Ch. 10 – Hygiene
Ch. 11 – Materia Hygienica
Ch. 12 – The Primordial Requisites of Life
Ch. 13 – Food
Ch. 14 – Salt Eating
Ch. 15 – One Man’s Meat
Ch. 16 – Eating
Ch. 17 – Self-Healing
Ch. 18 – The Essential Nature of Disease
Ch. 19 – The Occasions for Disease
Ch. 20 – The Unity of Disease
Ch. 21 – Evolution of Disease
Ch. 22 – Not a Cure
Ch. 23 – Hygiene Not a Cure
Ch. 24 – Conditions of Recovery
Ch. 25 – Hygienic Care of the Sick
Ch. 26 – Application of Hygiene
Ch. 27 – Acute Disease
Ch. 28 – Fasting
Ch. 29 – The Suppression of Disease
Ch. 30 – Convalescence
Ch. 31 – Chronic Disease
Ch. 32 – Crises
Ch. 33 – Feeding in Disease
Ch. 34 – Recovery of Vigor
Ch. 35 – Palliation
Ch. 36 – The Time Factor in Recovery
Ch. 37 – The Tragedy of Irreversibility
Ch. 38 – The Prevention of Disease
Ch. 39 – The Prevention of Epidemics
Ch. 40 – The New Human Redemption
Ch. 41 – Medicine and Hygiene Contrasted
Ch. 42 – What is a Poison?
Ch. 43 – Drug Relations
Ch. 44 – Biodynamics vs. Pharmacodynamics
Ch. 45 – Drug Indulgences
Ch. 46 – The Evils of Drug Medication
Ch. 47 – Iatrogenic Diseases
Ch. 48 – Herbs
Ch. 49 – A New Revolutionary Situation
Ch. 50 – Opposition
Ch. 51 – College
Ch. 52 – Women and Hygiene
Ch. 53 – Who was a Hygienist?
Ch. 54 – Hygienists
Ch. 55 – Mistakes of Hygienists
Ch. 56 – Future of Hygiene

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