Memories of War (e-book) by Edward Klein



Memories of War
by Edward Klein
© 2017 by Edward Klein
89 page e-book (PDF)

Memories of War is a WW II memoir by New Jerseyan Edward Klein. At age 89 he retells one amazing story after another of his nearly three-year “great adventure” that included supporting invading Army troops in the Pacific Theater as part of a shore fire control team.  The action he experienced from ages 19 to 21 is jaw-dropping; that he survived being in the thick of much intense enemy fire is stunning.

Mr. Klein was trained as a radio operator by the Cavalry, but was placed on detached service from the 7th Recon to the 75th Joint Assault Signal Company (JASCO) for the Kwajalein operation. After the Kwajalein battle, back at Oahu, he was asked to stay with the JASCO and he did. He was responsible for communicating with offshore destroyers and a battleship for shore fire. His highest rank was sergeant.

From Fort Dix (NJ) to Fort Riley (KS), Camp Pittsburg (CA), Oahu (HI), Kwajalein, Leyte, Philippines, New Guinea, Luzon, Okinawa, Japan and back home to Newark (NJ), the reader will be totally engrossed in the military intricacies and combat dangers Mr. Klein endured as a vital cog in the war effort. Contains 41 images.

1 Pre-Army & First Army Experiences
2 Kansas to Pittsburg, California to Oahu
3 Army Experiences Overseas
4 The 75th JASCO
5 New Adventures Into The Pacific-Leyte
6 New Guinea
7 Luzon
8 Okinawa – Phase I
9 Okinawa – Phase II
10 Luzon After Okinawa
11 Japan
12 Home
13 Epilogue
14 Photos, Records & Memorabilia



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