Laws of Health A-Z (e-book) by Dr. David Klein



Laws of Health
Wisdom for Living Healthfully
by Dr. David Klein
196-page e-book (PDF)

Thirty-two years in the making, Laws of Health A – Z – Wisdom For Living Healthfully is Dr. David Klein’s magnum opus.  It’s a totally embracing, easy-to-read delight.  One hundred fifteen “Laws of Health”—the gamut of true mind-body-spiritual health principles—are covered with clarity and rare insight in its 196 empowering pages.  If you want to understand every principle of health and find the road map to becoming the best “you,” this book (it’s really a complete whole-health course) will deliver that, ignite the passion within and set you on the ultimate healthful living path!


FOREWORD by Dr. Douglas N. Graham

Abundance * Accuracy * Alimentation * Alkalinity * Appreciation * Altruism * Attraction * Beauty * Boundlessness * Breathing * Caring * Comfort * Communality * Creativity * Detoxification * Development * Discipline * Diversity * Ecology * Education * Emotions * Energy * Exercise * Expression * Fasting * Flow * Focus * Freedom * Fruitarianism * Generosity * Genius * Goodness * Giving * Gratitude * Growth * Happiness * Harmony * Health * Home * Humor * Hygiene * Improvement * Instincts * Integrity * Intelligence * Intention * Intuition * Invigoration * Joy * Knowledge * Life’s Great Law * Limitation * Love * Manifestation * Mastery * Mindfulness * Minimum * Music * Naturalism * Nurturing * Nutrition * Order * Passion * Perfection * Physiology * Pleasure * Posture * Potentiality * Power * Presence * Prosperity * Providence * Purity * Purpose * Quality Selection * Quietude * Reality * Receiving * Regeneration * Repose * Resonance * Ripeness * Satiety * Security * Seed Sowing * Selective Elimination * Self Awareness * Self Healing * Service * Seven Stages of Disease * Sexuality * Sharing * Simplicity * Skill * Sleep * Special Economy * Spirituality * Stimulation or Dual Effect * Sun Bathing * Symbiosis * Toxemia * True Hunger * Truth * Universality * Utilization * Veganism * Vibrance * Vital Accommodation * Vital Distribution * Wholism * Wisdom * X Factor: Excitement * Yoga * Youthfulness * Zest


Foreword by Dr. Douglas N. Graham

When you discover something truly terrific, the urge to share the news with others is totally overpowering.  “Come on in, the water is fantastic,” we shout to our friends, while we are enjoying the luxury of a comfortable pool. “You’ve GOT to taste this,” we urge our loved ones, as we offer them a bite of some especially tasty dish.  I just can’t help myself when I start telling you how much I want you to indulge yourself by reading Laws of Health A-Z. Dave Klein has written a total winner, and it is one you don’t want to miss.  Laws of Health A-Z will affect you for the good, from the very first page. After an initial reading, this is a book you will refer back to many times, every year for a lifetime: for education, inspiration, and motivation.

If there is a recipe for success, the key ingredient is persistence. For more than 25 years Dave Klein has persisted in his efforts to share the miracle of hygiene, the science of human health, with everyone he possibly can.

He has been extremely creative in his efforts to make health education appealing to the masses.  He has lectured at many health seminars and symposia along with myself (Raw Passion and Healthful Living International), organized health festivals (Rawstock), published and written articles for his magazines (Living Nutrition and Vibrance) for two decades, and even assembled the Raw Passion band and performed health songs along with myself and others.  But most importantly, Dave has written books, and each book is better than the last.  Laws of Health A-Z is Dave’s best effort to date.  Dave has made a truly life-saving discovery, and we must support him in his efforts to tell the world what he has found.

After rebuilding his own health, Dave has dedicated more than two decades to helping others regain their lost health, so that they can experience the vibrant living that he knows we all deserve, and all have within us.  On the merry-go-round of life, health is the brass ring.

Dave’s Laws of Health A-Z is the prize and sickness is the penalty for not following the guidelines he so eloquently presents for you. Yet we often experience confusion when trying to sort the causes from the consequences.  In Laws of Health A-Z, Dave reduces more than one hundred healthful living guidelines into simple, easy-to-follow proverbs.  He takes his time, clearly explaining to his readers what each of those proverbs really means, and tells us how to apply the lessons in each of them.  He offers quotes from a broad range of renowned health professionals and sages to help clarify his position on each concept.  Dave makes health enticing, the obvious choice, the most alluring of all no-brainers.  No one would choose sickness when health was the easier and better option, and Dave paves a road that makes health the obvious path of least resistance.

Perhaps the most crucial of all considerations when reading Laws of Health A-Z is that none of the laws are in contradiction with any of the others, a factor that eliminates any chance for confusion to be an issue.  Dave’s science is sound, and his philosophy is well founded.  With the health field so riddled with contradictions and marketing-driven fallacies, Dave presents health science in clear and logical bite-sized segments.

Laws of Health A-Z is a compendium well worth reading again and again, and is exactly the kind of book you’d want to give to anyone you cared about.  The easy-to-read format combines with inarguable logic and common sense to provide you with a book you can use to build your health and as a guide to living a healthy and happy life.


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