Introducing Natural Hygiene – The Only True Natural Health System (e-book) by Dr. T. C. Fry



Introducing Natural Hygiene – The Only True Natural Health System
Dr. T. C. Fry
e-book PDF
68 pages

The brilliant best of Dr. T. C. Fry is captured in this gem of a booklet. For people of all age groups and backgrounds, no one’s writings ever made learning about health more pleasurably exciting and inspiring than this huge-hearted genius. He stumbled upon Natural Hygiene as a sickly obese businessman, went on to reverse his disease conditions, created dynamic health, and became a irrepressible, dynamic leader in our natural health field. His uncannily embracing and eloquent teaching-writing style spurred a mini health revolution, leading to the training of numerous Hygiene teachers and doctors as well as igniting passion for healthful living in tens of millions of people in search of new health and joyful living. His legacy was so profound that many (including your editor!) credit Dr. Fry’s teachings with saving their lives!

This booklet contains Dr. Fry’s earliest and most inspiring writings on the plain and simple basics — what to do and what not to do for attaining vibrant whole health and keeping fit, healthy and free of doctors and remedies. Also included are a few of his best later writings on the determinants for humans’ natural diet and how our beliefs shape our health destiny.

If you want to kick-start your healthful living revolution with all of the essential health elements, or help an ailing loved one get the basics in a package which prompts an “I can and will do this!” response, then this is the booklet you have been hoping for. It includes over 35 short chapters with some writings by Natural Hygiene great Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, including discussions on the essence of Natural Hygiene, fasting for health restoration, how to obtain proper foods, the curse of cooking, why bread, cereals and salt are not to be eaten, how to increase your brainpower, the fallacy of cures, how to break the shackles of the medical drugging system and save a bundle of money each year, how to become and stay superbly fit and youthful via healthful lifestyle practices, and much more.

The proof is in the pudding: millions have overcome crippling diseases and created radiant health via the whole health teachings which Dr. Fry brings to light in his inimitably successful way. This is our choice for “the first book of health education.”

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