How I Fed My Cats Raw – Tales of 4 Kitties (e-book) by Dr. David Klein



How I Fed My Cats Raw – Tales of 4 Kitties
Dr. David Klein
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23 pages

love cats! They light me up with joy, teach me plenty about sensory awareness and grace, and make me wonder about a lot of things.

I have been a raw vegan fruitarian for 30 years and running. Yes—I’m horrified by killing and repulsed by meat eating (my former meat-based diet almost destroyed me). But I have recognized that planet Earth is not a vegans-only paradise, and that life here, including fertile soil, depends upon life forms killing and consuming others. That’s just the way Nature is, and I’ve chosen to accept that, and to feed my feline pets raw, wholesome, meat-based diets since they are constitutionally carnivores. They deserve to eat their natural biological diet. I have no delusions of messing with their genetic disposition.

No creature on planet Earth was designed to eat cooked food. Only humans and our pets eat cooked food and suffer throughout our lifespans from autointoxication and the degenerative diseases and destructive behavior that go along with that. Read Pottenger’s Cats by Francis M. Pottenger Jr. and you’ll learn about the genetic degradation and physical degeneration caused by cooked food diets over just three generations.

The fat, lazy, feeble and miserable cats and dogs you’ve seen have one major thing in common: they are toxic as a result of eating heat-processed and chemically-adulturated “pet foods.” These packaged concoctions which are a far cry from the foods they would naturally eat as hunter-foragers in nature, the foods which would enable pristine health and high vitality, and render physical degeneration an impossibility, except in cases of droughts and other natural disasters.

The differences between cooked-fed and raw-fed cats (and dogs) are enormous:

• Cooked-fed traits: The animals are smelly, moody, need lots of sleep, lazy or hyper, dull fur coat, cloudy eyes, dry and scaly skin, constipated, fat, finicky, scatter-brained, often unhappy, often diseased, often infested with bugs and other parasites and short-lived.

• Raw-fed traits: The animals are clean, energetic, slender, poised, alert, mostly cheerful, healthy and long-lived.

I have witnessed these differences in many cases and gained great insight from my pet cats whom I’ve fed raw diets.

This e-book recounts the experiences I have had with the four cats I’ve cared for, focusing on how I’ve fed them. You’ll learn convenient ways to introduce raw meats, eggs, vegetables, avocado and seed meals to your cat’s diet, and the keys to thriving feline health. Even finicky eaters will eventually appreciate your raw diet efforts, so please be open-minded and begin the transition today….sooner or later your kitty will surprise you!

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