Gandhi & Shelton (e-book) by Dr. Keki Sidhwa and Dr. Herbert M. Shelton




A Look At How The 20th Century’s Greatest Morality Crusaders Were Linked Via Correspondence, Philosophy & Character

By Dr. Keki Sidhwa and Dr. Herbert M. Shelton

Edited by David Klein, Ph.D.

33 pages
PDF ebook

This enthralling book has two sections with rare, fascinating details written by Hygienic Doctors who knew and corresponded with the great leader of the Indian nation: Dr. Keki Sidwha (b. 1926), the leader of the British Natural Hygiene Society, and Dr. Herbert M. Shelton (1895-1985) who led the American Natural Society for many years, authored 40 books on all matters of health, and fasted 40,000 patients to new health at his Dr. Shelton’s Health School in Texas.

Mahatma Gandhi was renown for his fruitarian diet, great interest in Nature-Cure and many fasts. At his bedside when he fasted was one of Dr. Herbert M. Shelton’s books on the very subject. You’ll read that their correspondence led Gandhi to invite Dr. Shelton to come to India and lecture at universities; however, the second world war thwarted that.

Get deep insight into the healthful mindset and moral commonalities shared by the two greatest leaders of the cause for human health and decency the world has known in recent times. You’ll feel heartened to learn what made these two men such great leaders, and, perhaps, be inspired to live your life with more conviction.


Two Fighters for Freedom: Mahatma Gandhi and Herbert M. Shelton
by Keki R. Sidhwa N.D., D.O., D.N.H.

Gandhi Fasts Again 
by Herbert M. Shelton, N.D.

Gandhi On Diet
by Mahatma Gandhi

Shelton on Diet
by Herbert M. Shelton, N.D.

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