Fruit Can Heal You! (e-book) by O.L.M Abramowski, M.D.



Fruit Can Heal You!
O.L.M Abramowski, M.D.
e-book PDF
93 pages

This is the classic account of how a medical doctor used a raw fruit diet to heal and rejuvenate himself of multiple maladies as well as to heal a multitude of his patients who had a wide variety of diseases at his health sanatorium in Australia in the early part of the 20th century. In summary, the author writes: “An incontrovertible array of facts like the above should certainly set us thinking, and should induce us to try and find out the reason why a fruit diet is so absolutely wholesome, that it will not only keep human bodies healthy, strong, and energetic, but will even act as a curative agent, and restore people made sick through other dietaries.” A brilliantly clear, detailed and most inspiring read for any fruit lover or diet researcher!

I. Eating for Disease
II. Experiments in Eating
III. The Influence of Fruit Diet on Myself
IV. Influence of Natural Diet on my Family
V. Influence of Natural Diet in Disease – Typhoid, Diseases of the Digestive
Organs, Chronic Rheumatism, Acute Rheumatism, Pleurisy, Cancer, Affections of the Lungs, Colds, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Experiments at Coronet Hill Sanitarium
VI. Eating for Death
VII. Eating for Life
VIII. What Shall We Eat?
IX. How Shall We Eat?
X. When Shall We Eat?
XI. How Often Shall We Eat?
XII. What Shall We Drink?
XIII. Summary
XIV. Humanity v. Alcohol
XV. Humanity v. Alcohol – The Defence

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