Exploding The Germ Theory (ebook) by Stanford Kingsley Claunch, N.D.
 et al



Exploding The Germ Theory
by Stanford Kingsley Claunch, N.D. et al
Originally published in 1946
Edited and republished by David Klein, Ph.D. in 2018
with additional contributions by David Klein, Ph.D., V. Virginia Vetrano, M.D., Hans Reusch, Anita Brey, Bob Wallace and Organic Consumers Association
84 pages
ebook PDF

You surely want total health freedom—security and peace of mind, free of the fear of disease—we all do! BUT, you won’t have that if you give any power to the belief that germs cause any disease condition, and the belief that some diseases are contagious and can spread, and that taking antibiotics and vaccinations has preventive benefits, and that your body can’t keep itself healthy on its own. With those beliefs in mind, you open the door to allowing medical doctors to trick you (and your family) into taking antibiotics if you (and your family) get sick in the future, and allowing vaccinations that can only weaken your (and your loved ones’) health and potentially destroy everything you (and they) cherish.

Most people, especially the elderly, die in hospitals not from the disease they were diagnosed with, but from the antibiotics they were treated with. In truth, antibiotics have no therapeutic power, they are never needed, they can only weaken the body and potentially kill us, and bacteria, or “germs,” do not cause diseases.

This book powerfully busts conventional erroneous beliefs about germs, disease causation and contagion like no other. It was published to help you and your family avoid the potentially crippling effects of antibiotics and inoculations, so that you and they don’t end up crippled and dying in a hospital.

Don’t become a medical statistic! Learn what bacteria and viruses do, and what they don’t do. Learn the true cause and purpose of disease. Get clear on the fact that you cannot poison yourself to health with antibiotics. Learn the truth from some of the greatest physiologists and health crusaders the world has ever seen to escape the traps of folklore myths, therapeutic chicanery, and medical destruction. This book will empower you to thrive in true health freedom!



CHAPTER I – A False Superstructure On A False Premise
CHAPTER II – The Laboratory
CHAPTER III – The Clinic
CHAPTER IV – Bacteria in Health and Disease
CHAPTER V – So-called Immunization—What Is It?
CHAPTER VI – Some Questions for Doctors and Bacteriologists to Answer
CHAPTER VII – Conclusion

APPENDIX A – Synopsis of Béchamp or Pasteur? by David Klein, Ph.D.
APPENDIX B – Flu Viruses or Combo Abombos? Discerning the Real Cause of Influenza by David Klein, Ph.D.
APPENDIX C – Influenza Shots? No thank you! The Flu Vaccine is Worthless and Damaging! by Dr V. Virginia Vetrano
APPENDIX D – Why Antibiotics Seem to Work by Dr. V. Virginia Vetrano
APPENDIX E – Essay on Morris A. Bealle’s The Drug Story by Hans Ruesch
Appendix F – Little Rock, Big Feller by Anita Brey
APPENDIX G – Two Twisted Tales of Clowning Around With America’s Health by Bob Wallace and Organic Consumers Association
APPENDIX H – Further Reading
APPENDIX I – Vibrant Health Teacher-Counselor Training


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 et al”

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