Dr. T. C. Fry’s Raw Energy Mini-Course (e-book) by Dr. T. C. Fry



Dr. T. C. Fry’s Raw Energy Mini-Course
Dr. T. C. Fry
e-book PDF
455 pages

This is a life-changing seven-lesson special course on how to supercharge yourself with energy, with studies in nutritional and health principles and their practical application.

This course will teach you every basic concept of nutrition and natural healing for creating vibrant, high-energy, sustained health where you become your own doctor. It will also provide you with the knowledge to be a truly effective nutrition and health teacher-counselor. Dr. David Klein studied and fully applied the teachings of this course during the first two months of his healing in 1984, and he was not only liberated from the severe ulcerative colitis which had nearly ruined him but he was also instilled with 90% of the knowledge he uses today to guide countless people to new health. This course is highly recommended for athletes and all nutrition enthusiasts. It explains why some foods are healthful and others are toxic and, therefore, enervating and destructive to the body. An extensive food ranking table is provided as well as sample menus and food preparation instructions. It also teaches the foundational principles of healing and superior health maintenance. This mini-course will make you a high-energy nutritional health genius!

Lesson – 1: A New Concept of Personal Energy, Its Creation & Use, & The Immense Wisdom and Providence of the Body.

Lesson – 2: How to Have More Nerve Energy for Tremendous Self-Enhancement, & The Roles of Rest and Sleep in Supplying Body Needs.

Lesson – 3: Freeing Yourself of Energy-Draining Influences.

Lesson – 4: New Perspectives on High-Energy Practices: Detoxification and Invigoration, & Exercise and Its Beneficent Role in Nutrition & Digestion.

Lesson – 5: High-Energy Foods: Their Preparation and Consumption.

Lesson – 6: New Concepts of Health & Disease and The Nature and Purpose of Dis-ease.

Lesson – 7: Establishing a Personal High-Energy Program.

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