A Look at Raw & Cooked Food Toxicity – Five Articles (e-book) by Dr. David Klein et al




A Look at Raw & Cooked Food Toxicity – Five Articles
By Dr. David Klein, Wes Peterson & Dr. Bruce Ames
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61 pages
© June, 2018

This little ebook contains 5 powerful articles that expose the damaging effects of eating toxic foods. In this hedonistic age of gluttonous foodies—even many vegans and raw foodies—this ebook was never more needed.

Dr. David Klein exposes the clear dangers behind why many common dietary items are not truly healthful – they actually eat us up inside.

You’ll learn why most fancy culinary items are nothing more than addictive, excitotoxin-laden, irritating, inflammatory stimulants that seduce us into eating more and more, making us think they are both good and satisfying. Even some common rawfood items from the garden and orchard are toxifying and will steal our mental clarity, wreak our emotional poise, and induce disease and suffering. When eaten with healthful foods, they mask the true flavors of the real foods, corrupting our taste buds, perverting our senses, and driving us to overeat.

This ebook will reveal the science behind why we must escape the taste bud excitation trap of modern food sensationalism. You’ll understand the perilous folly of using “heat-producing” foods, pungent herbs, rajassic foods, condiments, stimulant drinks, spices, medicinals, nutraceutical “super food” concoctions, and high-heat-cooked foods. You’ll get Dr. Klein’s list of the 28 worst dietary irritants/inflammitants.

All-in-all, this ebook will shine a bright light on the most natural path to true vibrant health, with inner peace and tranquility, free of inflammation, mental-emotional-physiological turmoil and disease: the simple, vibrant, raw-vegan diet lifestyle, where Mother Nature’s plain old foods are actually the most delicious and give us the satisfaction, clarity, health and peace we really yearn for. Detoxify a bit on plain raw fruits and vegetables and you’ll discover for yourself that the plain raw truth sets you free!


1. “What is Toxemia?” by Dr. David Klein

2. “Cooked Food Effects” by Wes Peterson

3. “What is a Dietary Irritant?” by Dr. David Klein

4. “Dietary Carcinogens and Anticarcinogens” by Dr. Bruce Ames

5. “The Raw Truth About ‘Anti-Inflammatory Foods’ – Why They Are So Wrong” by Dr. David Klein


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