11 Step Program for Self-Healing Candida (e-book) by Johanna Zee, RN, NHP, Ph.D.



11 Step Program for Self-Healing Candida
Johanna Zee, RN, NHP, Ph.D.
e-book PDF
47 pages

End your misery and revolutionize your health! In this the definitive step-by-step wholistic guide program for self-healing Candida overgrowth, you will learn:

– How to naturally flush out excess Candida albicans.
– How to safely bring your body back into balance.
– Why conventional and alternative therapies do not work long-term.
– The FASTEST way to rid yourself of a Candida overgrowth.
– Why its not fruit, but fatty-foods, which cause this problem in the first place and how you can enjoy eating fruit again.
– That self-healing Candida will have profound effects on other hormone related issues, including chronic fatigue, depression and hypothyroidism.

“In Dr. Zee’s new booklet we finally have the clear, concise road map for overcoming Candida and establishing a truly healthy body the all-natural way. While this natural approach has been known by a few for a while, it has been kept in the dark for too long and too many have suffered needlessly, until now. Bravo to Dr. Zee for formulating a compassionately empowering and most embraceable plan for ridding everyone of this miserable affliction using proven methods backed by accurate health science. Thanks to Dr. Zee, no one ever needs to be suppressed by the common myths about Candida causation, harmful therapies and the avoidance of our most healthful food: fruit. I have seen superior results with this same approach with dozens of my clients and urge one and all to take it to heart and dedicate a few weeks to it. The happy results will speak for themselves. The path to liberation and joyful living is in your hands.”
-David Klein, Ph.D.

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